The Boy Detective Corps in The Case of the Missing Brother

August 9, 2015
The Boy Detective Corps
"The Case of the Missing Brother"
Written Thomas Bell
Directed by Ian Custar
Sound Design and Podcast Engineering by Simon Keirn 

Performed by:
Thomas Bell as Ronald
Madison Hatfield as Kenneth
Bran Peacock as Butch
Hoover Wind as Howie
Shannon Thrift as Chief Daley
Frances Chang as Ophelia LaGrange
Ian Custar as Bill Baxley
Kris Purushothaman as Oscar
Ken Diggs as Bert Baxley
Andrea Doom as Reporter 2
Clara Nibbelink as Reporter 1
Narrated by August Pollak

"Oppressive Gloom" and "Enigma" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0