The Rookery Radio Hour

A Penniless Penny Dreadful Holiday Special 2015

November 25, 2015
The Rookery Radio Hour Presents
A Penniless Penny Dreadful Holiday Special

Directed by Ian Custar

Sound Design and Audio Engineering by Simon Keirn

Written by:
Ian Custar
Simon Keirn
Jennifer Nittoso
Simon Rakestraw
Hoover Wind

Performed by:
Ian Custar
Hoover Wind
Frances Chang
Ken Diggs
Nicholas Etherington
Jennifer Nittoso
Bran Peacock
Meghan Peacock
August Pollak
Kris Purushothaman
Amy Robinson
La Schaffer
Grey Welborn

Musical Performance by Elizabeth King

"Maybe This Christmas" written by Branden Waugh and Jennifer Nittoso

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